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I have an issue with this site's character count for sigs. A slightly higher limit - say, 300 characters - would do.

I have 2 character counters on line that say this sig is 238 characters

My new sig is this:

"We think it's just another very small step, not a big deal. I don't know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to get a 15 to nothing vote. But those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen." Trump

LU reads it as having 18 characters more than the limited 255. Very few of us have sigs ... I like to change mine out occasionally. 

thanks for the read.
OK, I just tested the sig field with 240 characters, using this sequence of numbers:


that's 30 characters ..... 1 thru 0, times 3. then copy n paste that 7 more times, and I get a message that my sig has 1345 characters.

aighty then!  I just tried the alphabet - lower case - as a sig - like this - 


I added 3 more instances of it, for a total of 104 characters. LU sig preview said - remove 169 characters to get under the limit of 255.


So I removed one string of 26 characters, and LU preview now said to remove 63 characters.


what constitutes a character in a sig?    My two character counters show 78 and 79 count. Which is weird, too. But nowhere as WERID as LU's sig preview count.

Please increase the character limit. No one is going to bust the site with a rogue character set - either at 255 or 300. HTML is disabled, which is the real culprit. Like internet time, character count is operating on a basis entirely not apparent to our usual meaning of these words - time and count.

and yes! this is pointed to Liberty, master mech.
Inquiring minds wanna know!
It's a few minutes after 5 pm & I just went in & checked to find the character limit for sigs was set at 255.  Maybe Lib had already upped it, but that's what it showed.  At any rate, I increased it to 300 characters.  Hope that helps.  Let us know if it doesn't.
Sus, I C&P'd your new sig as my own to test it.  It worked.  Then I deleted it, of course.
it is 300. HTML is on
rilly? thanks.