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The Two Banes - rockchalker52 - 12-03-2017

Excluding Mother Nature, there are two things responsible for ALL of the ills of human kind.  They are racism and tribalism.  If you don't agree, I welcome you to explain how I'm wrong.

RE: The Two Banes - PleaseReportToTheFrontDesk - 12-03-2017

In fact, we all have tribalism, and we can sometimes call that racism today. 

The bigger problem with that is when some of us can't admit it and try to work it out of their thinking and reacting. Instead they try to excuse it.... point at the people they discriminate against and say it's their own fault.

RE: The Two Banes - susnus - 12-03-2017

I would call the excluded nature to be that of the patriarchal type. It's not a woman's or a matronly touch that stirs up the world's divisions, wars, systemic destruction of peoples in or of a region/country.

RE: The Two Banes - jafs3 - 12-03-2017

Well, there's also fear, greed, mental illness, etc. isn't there?

RE: The Two Banes - susnus - 12-03-2017

more stuff from that stew!

did you ever wonder why the USA government divides into a cabinet with secretaries as head of each department? and that other countries have ministers?

isn't that a bit matriarchal in compare to ministries?

RE: The Two Banes - jafs3 - 12-03-2017

Lust, pride, sloth, wrath, envy, gluttony.

Does that just about cover it?

RE: The Two Banes - susnus - 12-03-2017

I think the OP was referring to predominant instinctual behavior, if you look at history of warring peoples. But the 7 sins as a bucket list, and as a lapsed Catholic, I have experienced a tinge of desire to hit all 7 states.

RE: The Two Banes - jafs3 - 12-03-2017

I agree that tribalism is a big problem, and that we'd be better off identifying primarily as human beings, for sure.

But he said "responsible for ALL the ills of human kind" - I'd say that's a bit of an overstatement.