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Candles - rockchalker52 - 01-12-2018

Do you have a lot of candles at your house?  Are they scented?  Do you ever burn one at both ends?  Have you ever made your own candles?  If you lost power during the night, would you light some candles?  At what age does it become dangerous to have a birthday cake with a candle for every year?  Did your wish ever come true after you blew out all the candles?


RE: Candles - PleaseReportToTheFrontDesk - 01-12-2018

Candles scare me. I keep a few very wide ones for times the power is off. And I put them in very safe places. We're almost all carpet upstairs and in the basement. To me they're just dangerous.

RE: Candles - Jessamine - 01-12-2018

Love them and the atmosphere they create, but I use essential oils now.

RE: Candles - autie - 01-12-2018