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Inserting images in posts
There are two types of images in posts.  The first resides on our server, and the second resides on some other server.  It's best to have all images on our server for technical and netiquette reasons.  Hotlinking is frowned upon and in some circles is considered "bandwidth theft".

Attaching and inserting an image in a post.

Note that if you click on each image you will get a larger version that is easily readable.

Start a new thread or reply.  Write what you want then click new attachment >>>  choose file.  Browse and select the file and...
Then click "add attachment"

It will take a minute or so to upload your image, then the page will reload showing your newly uploaded images as attachments.  Attachments will display in a box, not in the post, so you want to insert them into the post.  You can attach and insert several fairly large images in a post.  

Place your cursor where you want the image and click "Insert into post".    You image will be shown as a shortcode for the image, in this case, 'attachemnt=39', but it will show up as an your image, resized for the forum and clickable to see the larger image after you post.

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