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Ashamed to be an American?
I am really ashamed more than ever of my president. On the very day at last 158 people were killed in more than half a dozen terrorists attacks in Paris France, President Barack Obama declared ISIS 'contained'. What fantasyland does this guy live in? He is supposed to represent us throughout the world. Frankly, I'm deeply embarassed about his actions----rather, inactions. Obama is obsessed with making his legacy all about curing climate change with his draconian energy policies. Land of the free, home of the brave? This notion is slipping away, thread by thread.

Viva la France!
I would never be ashamed to be an American.  I do however see the shame of some fellow citizens that chose to malign others by taking words and phrases out of the context of their original statements.  I don't believe you read or listened to the interview.  I think the President knows all to well that there will be acts of terror continuing.  Maybe you and Ben Carson have it all figured out.
Natural selection will never favor Evangelical misfits

Autie, out of context? From a dude who won't even use the phrase radical Islamic terrorists. Fill me in bro.
Fill yourself in bro, go find the interview and read/listen to it.  It will fill you in on context.  
Natural selection will never favor Evangelical misfits

Carry on Barack Hussein O. apologists.
(11-14-2015, 06:21 PM)'Agent99' Wrote: Carry on Barack Hussein O. apologists.


Spot on 99.  The Lamestream Media and the Prog participants on this here web site will do whatevert it takes to support those who would destroy traditional America.  That incudes repeating lies of the far left extremists like BO and Hitlery.  I predict a ground swell of conservative voter turnout that will spell defeat for those who would divide and destroy our country.

BornAgain, many pundits, even right-wing pundits portray Hussein as a bumbling, foolish neophyte. He may be a neophyte, but make no mistake---he's doing all of this based on careful extremist left calculation. His mind runs in the channel of America is NOT to be so great and he is doing all he can to tear us down. He has blood on his hands and he will soon be up to his eyeballs in the blood of the dead due to his purposeful and intentional dithering.
I'm ashamed of your shame,
Your shame, so lame.
America is great, I claim.

I think one day all the new Americans in the former Mexico will sing their love for America in the way they learned to speak.  In 100 years our southern border will be the Panama Canal.

Chicken Dinner.

Interesting and provocative thought Liberty!

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