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If you want a friend, don't get a dog. Put out a game feeder....
I put this feeder out a month ago and set it to feed corn 3 seconds at 7am and 3pm. That's about a cup each time. 200lbs of corn lasts about 5 weeks, so this feeder is good to go another week, which covers the firearms season.
The results are largely predictable. Coons, gallinaceous birds, cull bucks and does being the usual customers.
The last image was triggered by the masked bandits on the feeder but picked up a poacher's pickup truck in the distance. I've since put a couple cameras out to try and get their license plate. If successful, they'll have some 'spainin' to do before a judge. We don't jack around with jack-lighting poachers.
As usual thanks for stopping by and you can click on the images to enlarge.





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