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What Are you listening to right now on you turntable, ipod, iphone, cassette player..

.jpg   The Live Anthology.jpg (Size: 37.22 KB / Downloads: 134)
Tom Petty: The Live Anthology


I'm listening to classical music on KPR.

'jafs dateline='' Wrote: I'm listening to classical music on KPR.



I'm listening to New World Symphony on CD.

May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
Which performance/recording?

I remember the first time I heard that, on an old LP at my father's house - it was a cheap, but exciting recording - I can't quite remember who was on it.

Streaming The Bridge
Buddy Holly by Weezer came on the trusty digital device on the way home
Always like to crank the Weeze



[Image: Zonoscope.jpg]
Cut Copy: Zonoscope

This one came on the trusty digital device on the way home tonight. Had to test the strength of the speakers on it. Best Rock/Rap Hybrid Ever.



Popa Chubby.  I love this guy!  This is a tune called 'Lookin' Back' from his 'Booty & the Beast' album.  I told my sis about him once & she & the hubbin managed to see him perform in Atlanta I think it was.  This is one of the tunes on my workout playlist.  I may have started singin' along today at the gym on the treadmill.  Not certain, but I was gettin' some strange looks for some reason or another. 
Popa Chubby,  LOL!  took me longer than it should have to catch on.





Little Feat doing a live version of 'Dixie Chicken' with  a young Emmy Lou Harris & a young Bonnie Raitt.  What a great band! 





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