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Pix of Potted Plants
These are pictures are some of the plants we potted to help beautify our deck here at Rancho Deluxe.  We planted way more than these, but it's getting towards the end of the season & not all of our efforts remain that photogenic.  I'll hafta search through my files & see if I can find some more, but for now:

These are the zinnias in the planters by the drive.  3 planters with 6 plants apiece.  It makes for a nice bulk grouping.  I prolly shoulda spiffed these up with some dead heading before I took the picture, but they don't look too bad.

Red/Orange Sunpatiens.  We did 2 pots of these & they turned out great.  A month or so ago, we were at the Birddog Cafe in the Oread Hotel & we looked out the window to notice this exact same cultivar of sunpatiens the hotel groundskeepers had placed in multiple pots along the adjoining patio.  It was really striking, so I think we're gonna copycat that for next season & do at least half a dozen big pots full of these.

These are the pink sunpatiens we planted.  We did these in 3 pots & they don't seem to hold their blooms as long as the red/orange ones.  They're pretty but I like the red/orange ones better.

Here's a grouping of Lobelia, the blue stuff, a couple pots of geraniums & some Mexican Heather.  We like to plant some geraniums in at least a couple of pots because they were my father-inlaw's favorite flower.  Meh, I guess they're nice, but it seems as if their blooms don't last but 2 or 3 days before they need deadheading.  They spend more time throughout the season with no blooms opened than they do with.  The lobelia did great.  It looks super delicate, but if you keep it watered & give it full sun, it does fine.

Here's a closer look at the mexican heather.  I love this stuff.  It handles the heat like nobody's business.  In fact, the hotter it is, the better it blooms.  Full sun fo' sho.'

Some red Star Cluster Pentas.  Pretty cool blooms on this one.  Sometimes they're sparse & sometimes they're plentiful, but it generally does well most of the summer.

This is a succulent called kalanchoe, also known as flapjacks.  This one is two years old.  We over-wintered it inside.  You can see the difference between last year's growth & the new stuff.  It's kinda fun.  We're gonna try to over-winter it again & see what next year's growth looks like.
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That's some pretty stuff!

Don't you love it when the weather is nice and you can go sit outside and enjoy the fruits of your labor?

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