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Steelhead Trout Fillets
One of our fav, quick & easy mid-week recipes for supper.  It works well with salmon fillets, too.  Just add a couple more minutes cooking time on the salmon.

.jpg   atrout5.JPG (Size: 49.55 KB / Downloads: 30)
Start with two nice steelhead trout fillets, about a half-pound each.  You got your Dijon-style mustard.  You got some mayo.  And you got some dill weed.  You can use tarragon if you prefer.

.jpg   atrout4.JPG (Size: 47.64 KB / Downloads: 30)
You mix the mustard, mayo, and spice in a bowl.  It's about 2 & 1/2 or 3 to 1 ratio mayo to mustard.  The recipe actually calls for 1/4 cup mayo & 2 tablespoons of mustard along with a teaspoon of dried spice, but that makes way too much for just two fillets, so we back it off to, uh ... I dunno, less than that.

.jpg   atrout3.JPG (Size: 43 KB / Downloads: 30)
This is what the pre-cooked basted fillets look like.

.jpg   atrout2.JPG (Size: 50.99 KB / Downloads: 30)
Cook 'em at 350 degrees in the science oven on the convection setting for 25 minutes & this is what you get.

.jpg   atrout.JPG (Size: 69.33 KB / Downloads: 30)
Supper Time!
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  • PleaseReportToTheFrontDesk, Riverdrifter
Could you come over for a few hours?

..bring fish

I just had a frozen yogurt bar for supper.

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(09-13-2016, 09:23 PM)PleaseReportToTheFrontDesk Wrote: Could you come over for a few hours?

..bring fish

I just had a frozen yogurt bar for supper.

Grill them fish! Cedar plank'em. I'll try this recipe, for sure.
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I can attest to the tastiness of RC's recipe...I think he did grill them...was good!

I'm not preachin'....I'm just sayin'!

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