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Spamming bastartds
One of the few joyful things I do is deleting spammers.  We have a few getting weeded out, that manaaaged to register before I put the captcha thing on.  I judt edeleted the obviuous ones and the rest I'm waiting for them to post spam before deleting their accounts and posts.  

So if every now and then you see some gibberish  with a link and the word cialis in it, it's spam and I'll delete it on site.  Don't panic, although if you need cialis the spammers evidently know where you can get some.

Spammers are like roaches.  They just can't be killed.  And they are dumb.  I had to delete some of their garbage where they were replying to the weather robot.  The robot doesn't need cialis.  I'm not even sure he has as thingy.

Chicken Dinner.



Civil disobedience is patriotic 
It's intersting that most of the bots have IPs from china or russia.   I've tried to leave it easy to register, but the easier it is to register, the more bots will hit you.

Jessamine, are you ready to start writing for your blog?  If you have any problems, let me know.  
With the lights out, it's less dangerous.
Aw man.  You know I'm hedging a bit, but working up the nerve...
Civil disobedience is patriotic 

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