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Syndicated Commentary
This is worked out now I believe.  We are pulling news and opinion from 6 sites specifically for this board.  Of those 6 feeds we have rcp, huffpo, thenation, reason, freerepublic and I'm going to add another libertatian feed.  Out of those six feeds, we should get 10 to 15 posts daily at (if you go there, you can see the posts this feed works off of), and from there we will pull 3 posts every day for here.  It is completely random what is posted.  If you know of a good opinion feed, I'll include it.

Treat these like any other thread, reply to them, say they are wrong, post a graph, whatever.  Even with the feed coming at 3/day, the community should be able to keep a thread bumped as long as they want to talk about it.

I can adjust the time and number of posts as needed.

Reply as you see fit. They are just posts on a forum. 

I put this here to give you something to talk about without having to look around and cut and paste all the time.  Don't be shy.



Chicken Dinner.


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