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No wiretap & Yes, the FBI is investigating Russian ties to the Trump campaign
(03-21-2017, 02:52 PM)jafs3 Wrote: Comey has been a registered R for most of his life, in fact, before he recently became independent of either party, according to him.

There is just something about the man that makes me uneasy. I listened to him talk, watched him, appreciated much of what he said and understood why he couldn't say some things. 

And yet there was still something else about him that made me uneasy.

Btw, I was also a Republican and so was my husband until a few weeks ago when we switched. We were wondering just yesterday why we never got new registration cards. And they just came in the mail about 30 minutes ago. 

I also got an email today from Lynn Jenkins acknowledging my phone call a few days go asking her to vote no on the new health insurance plan. She explained all the tired, worn out excuses for why Obamacare is SO bad that she MUST vote for the Republican's plan. So I returned her email explaining to her, very nicely, why the new plan is worse than the old plan. Do I think it will make any difference? Hell, no.

I did feel good when I called the registration office here in Topeka and told her we both wanted to switch to Democrat. Her tone of voice in reply sounded downright happy about that. Huh? This is still Kansas isn't it?

Somewhere my love lay sleeping 
Behind the lights of a far off town;
So I gave my heart to a bend in the road,
And off I went, a-yondering.
--by an author I have always loved... L'Amour

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