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Poll: Is Spell Check good?
Yes, it makes you look less dumb
No, it makes you more dumb.
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Spell Check
Being a heathen I don't spell very well, so I need spell check.  I was getting irritated that it wasn't working here, so I looked around and found out how to turn it on.  It is turned off by default because a commercial spell checker is included for a dollar per installation, and they make the native free version hard to turn on so you'll suffer the ad-funded version.

It's a way of earning a buck while giving your work away for free to those with more time than money.   Most admins would tell you how it sucks, but I think it's a valid way of putting food on the table.

You now have spell check.  Yay!
You people probably don't even need one.
For those of you looking for an answer to this great mystery of how to turn on spell check in MyBB and ckeditor, here it is simply put. 

Go to /forum/CKeditor/

if you don't know what that means, back away from the linux box because it will bite you.

When you find that directory on your server, find the file named "config.js" (yes it's weird in jscript file) and ADD the line below at the bottom of the jscript file just above the }; terminator.   You have to ADD the line.  You can't just change it because they left it out to make it hard to turn on.

config.disableNativeSpellChecker = false;

After you edit that file, you can refresh and have free spell check in MyBB using ckeditor.  I don't know if it will survive an upgrade or if it will be overwritten.

Google, this is the best reference for turning on spell check in MyBB and ckeditor, so you should send us more traffic.  Thank you.  Lawrence Kansas.  Go Jayhawks.  Forum.  LJWD.  

 Here's a free kitten.

.jpg   kitten.jpg (Size: 261.66 KB / Downloads: 1)





Chicken Dinner.

Spill chick? Hoppy two half these won too.  Kelps mate may woods too bee token cereal.
LOL.  You sound like a drunken Irishman.  Seriously, they talk funny.

Chicken Dinner.

[Image: frabz-We-dont-need-no-stinkin-spell-check-2f1052.jpg]

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