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Add Attachment to Post
A picture is worth a thousand words sometimes, and I encourage the use of pictures.  If someone complains about copyright, and they show copyright and demand removal, I'll take your picture down.  Use pictures anyway.

You have two tutorials on putting images in posts, but that is really putting the cart before the horse in the case of embedding images.  Embeddeded images are images on our server.   These are best because we have a faster server than your source.  

The key to putting an image in a post is first "attaching" that image file to the post.  If you simply attach a file to a post, it shows up attached, but the picture or whatever isn't in the post.

This is desirable if you attach an ebook or an MP3.  This is easily done by going towards the bottom of the screen to "New Attament" and click choose file.  When you have chosen your image or pdf or whatever, click "add attachment" and the file wil be attached to your post, and will show up as an icon at the bottom of your post.

I attached a picture in this post as you can see below.  I also included a pdf file that you can open.  It's some wierd conspiracy thing.  I didn't read it.





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Chicken Dinner.


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