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Feinstein and Moore Predict Trump Will Not Be Impeached then Re-elected in 2020
"Not only did Feinstein shoot down any effort to impeach Trump, but she held out the possibility he would be re-elected.

She wasn’t the only liberal to predict Trump would win a re-election.

Left-wing film maker Michael Moore also stated Trump is on track to win in 2020."

The anti-Trump media and Democratic voters are fixated on Trump’s approval numbers.

But the real numbers they should be focused on are the economic indicators.

GDP growth was revised up to 3 percent for the second quarter of 2017.

237,000 jobs were created in August.

And consumer confidence was at a 17-year high.

There is no appetite in the country outside of the hard-left for impeaching Trump.

And while Trump’s approval rating is in the mid to high 30s, it was also in that range on Election Day.

Trump is far closer to winning a second term than he is being impeached.

Diane Feinstein was the bearer – as the Democratic base sees it – of that bad news.
Cite. Like anybody gives a shirt anyway.

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