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Poll: How will you spend the chilly season?
by cooking & eating chili
lotsa catalogues about lotsa different things show up in the mail
strip clubs
by the time the winter olympics start, I'll be way sick of cold stuff.
it's easy. thanksgiving then christmas then super bowl then St. Patty's & before you know it your taters are in the ground & the crocus have spranged
you can click every choice if you want
or this: see comments
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outlook for winter
Really the only reason we keep Netflix is for the kids.  Although they got rid of Animaniacs (a cartoon that I can stand) and pretty much have stupid, annoying shirt on when it comes to kid's programming (and we already made it through Phineas and Ferb, about the only other cartoon that I can stand).  They are raising their prices, and I am tempted to dump it.
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Nobody likes winter. Nobody.

There is one season in the mine.
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(10-26-2017, 11:29 AM)Prospector Wrote: Nobody likes winter. Nobody.

There is one season in the mine.

I do LOVE winter. I look forward to it every year. It energizes me and makes me want to get out and do things.  This has been a topic in my family for a long time. They are normal people who love summer and hate winter.  So they can't understand why I want to shampoo the carpets, wash the windows, and re-paint the walls in winter.  Alls I can say is I grew up in the south with no a/c.... that has to affect your brain!

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Well for me, "chilly' is only roughly January, and that's evenings/nights mostly. But anyway, wife bought me a nice smoker with the side chamber for b-day. Huge grilling surface---could to a brisket, turkey and a pork butt easily at the same time. Plan on doing some righteous smoking of meat of all kind over "winter"---jerky too. Next summer? Doubt I'll want to use it too much when it's 118 outside.
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