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Switching over to the big M ...
I did some shifting a couple of years ago.  I stayed on the employer offered thing that sucks ball.  It is with United Health Care.  I think I have like a nine million dollar deductible then after that they send a guy over to help you set up a lemonade stand in front of your house.  Hands down, no question ALL health insurance companies are chicken shirt blood sucking cork suckers punk ass beetches.

Anyway, Momma be on Medicare A and b now and I bought her a supplemental with Humana that actually even from my critical view is pretty good coverage.  But all of what you all say is prime example of why I firmly believe in the single payer universal deal like educated people in Europe have.  And cut out the chicken shirt blood sucking cork suckers punk ass beetches.  Can you just imagine, everybody gets health services when they need it and nobody has to have a god damn poker run/chili feed/gofundme nothing.  It is reprehensible that hard working people in this country get financially devastated for life even if they have great insurance when something bad happens.  It makes me want to flippin cry when I see:  Dad worked at the plant and has a good salary, Mom works at the school.  Then little Johnny got some bad ass cancer and the cost even with insurance blew them out of the water so we're gonna have a bake sale and a 5K this weekend so Johnny doesn't die next month because the friggin medicine is not guys get the idea.  I am one bitter MF'er when it comes to this one.
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  • rockchalker52
I’ve had an Advantage plan with Blue Cross for five years and really like it. My husband tried Medicare and then a supplemental and Prescription plan. Paid three times more in premiums and overall paid more in co-pays than me. My recent back surgery was 56,000 bucks. I paid 1009. Prescription coverage is excellent. The cost of my meds a month would be almost $6000. My monthly out of pocket is around $120. 
The PPO allows you to go to a doctor without referral as long as they are in the approved providers. Which nearly everyone here is. I have dental coverage and coverage for eye exam only. 

Medicare is taken out of my SS monthly and I pay and extra $41 month.
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Jess, is your prescription coverage through a separate Part D policy or is it part of your Advantage PPO plan?  Is your dental/vision coverage with BCBS?
I'd like to thank ya'll for contributing to help me with my 5 surgeries over the last 5 years.

I have medicare A & B with Aetna as secondary.  Dental and vision cost me extra and drugs are paid for by Aetna.  My premiums for all of this run about $600 for both Ms. BAA and myself, but my Aetna kicks in $1800/year to help us pay the medicare premiums.  Aetna also picks up whatever Medicare doesn't pay including copays and deductibles.  All of this adds up to about $450/month for medical/dental/vision insurance for myself and my better half, and I have no other medical costs whatsoever.

Thanks again for helping out with my surgeries.
Why are your premiums so low?

That sounds like about half what I would expect for that kind of comprehensive coverage.

Oh, and you're welcome.
Re autie's no. 11 comment: Amen, brother! Damn blood sucking leeches.
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(11-01-2017, 09:47 AM)rockchalker52 Wrote: Jess, is your prescription coverage through a separate Part D policy or is it part of your Advantage PPO plan?  Is your dental/vision coverage with BCBS?

It’s all a part of the plan. The dental is pretty much preventive care.
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
We also pay double the normal Medicare premium due to income. So our monthly premiums come to about $250
May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every rung
Gotta run an errand and can't read the whole thread, but just wanted to tell RC that my Medicare supplement is a $5,000 deductible and costs about $75 a month. It has never paid a dime for me. But I buy it because my ex-company pays that much for it and no more. 

I got Humana. 

We currently pay about $100 a month for Medicare and it pays just like a regular insurance. There's a deductible (300?) and 20% of the charges. 

I have Well Care prescription ins and to me when they refuse to cover certain prescriptions they should be hung from the highest tree, but they do that sometimes. I dont' currently have any prescriptions like that. I have spent very little on the many prescriptions I do have.

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