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Some People 1962

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  • In 1960's Bristol three lads hang around making nuisances of themselves after losing their motorbike licences. Their only other interest is playing rock-and-roll so they welcome the offer from a supportive churchwarden of the use of his church hall. Things go well - with several new members including strong-voiced Terry, sort-of one of their girlfriends, they don't sound bad at all - and one of the guys starts dating the churchwarden's daughter. But his mate is increasingly suspicious that they are being sucked into behaving in a conventional way acceptable to the older generation.—Jeremy Perkins {J-26}
Civil disobedience is patriotic 
New to me. Have you seen it? There are some very sharp English films dealing withat specific class conflict - Billy Liar comes to mind.

Here is one of my fun finds - These are the Damned- original title The Damned - and it has nothing to do with The Village of the Damned nor Children of the Damned - though this title does involve children who are subjected to lab experiments.

What makes These are the Damned striking is that the story seems to be about young disaffected teens in a gang that rides motorcycles in early '60s England - class conflict - with a young Oliver Reed as the leader - but turns into a very Hammer-esque tale of a horribly conceived project involving radioactive experimentation.

Anyway, Netflix has a dvd rent.

Here's a sharp analysis - very freaky film.
A well regulated militia is about defensive, not offensive guns
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I have. It’s been awhile. The voice of British youth angst, however mostly middle class. I remember the music more than the movie haha 

Civil disobedience is patriotic 
cool. I'll check it out

check this out. black leather black leather smash smash smash

mix of the goons from Mad Max and oddball sci-fi horror with very hummable tunes Big Grin

A well regulated militia is about defensive, not offensive guns

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