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UNDER THE STREET - A Tuesday in November, but there are no elections today.
asked under Freeman's Auction Service which covered northeast Kansas & beyond

Have you ever attended any auctions?  Have you ever sold anything at auction?  What kind of stuff did you buy or sell?

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I used to do a lot of auctions. Gradually my 'collection' got out of hand and I down-sized. There's yet another downsizing soon to come. I love me some Ebay...
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(11-14-2017, 12:49 PM)Riverdrifter Wrote: I used to do a lot of auctions. Gradually my 'collection' got out of hand and I down-sized. There's yet another downsizing soon to come. I love me some Ebay...

Me too, RD. Had to stop because there was no more room. I love old wooden chairs and I won’t tell you how many I have. Used to like to go to cattle sales with my uncle. I learned a couple of years ago they do it online now. Amazing. I just stick to the estate sales around here which are awesome.
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Continuing in the Swedish Death Cleaning, I've found another item related to a post on this soon-to-be award winning site..a notice of public sale announcing the auctioning of items from my grandfather's farm. Included in the list were farm machinery, livestock, grain, miscellaneous items. The notice gives the date as Tuesday, April 24...but no year. My first guess was that it was during the depression, but included in the items was a 1941 Model B John Deere tractor and I guess not. My grandfather was a farmer until his death, as far as I know,(RC?), so I'm not sure why he was selling off all his equipment. I'll try to see if google can help me determine in what years did April 24 fall on a Tuesday. 
But in answer to the I have never attended an auction. Keep thinking it would be fun, though.

I'm not preachin'....I'm just sayin'!
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sooo, I found a perpetual calendar with Mr. Google's help and it turns out there was a Tuesday, April 24, 1945. That must have been the year of the sale, because none of the other years with April 24 on a Tuesday fell into the correct time frame. 
thanks, Google

I'm not preachin'....I'm just sayin'!
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HBSue, I have a copy of that same auction notice around here somewhere.  I'm not sure what year it was held.  If it was for gramps' stuff, I'd assume it was after he died in '63, but I don't recall our folks talking about the auction.  I know I didn't attend it.  Yah, he was a farmer up until the end.

I attended Smarter's grantparents' farm auction.  Her grampa had already passed & her gramma was getting ready to move to assisted living.  That auction did the whole shebang, both farm equipment & household stuff.  Our parents went to it with us.  At one point, a beautiful crystal bowl was auctioned.  Our mom had told our dad that she'd really like to have it.  Smarter's cousin told her husband the same thing.  They didn't know each other & were both bidding on it like crazy.  I'm pretty sure neither one of 'em wanted to be the one who had to tell their spouse they lost out.  Somebody went running inside to tell Smarter & her cousin that frick & frack were out there bidding against each other.  Cousin came running outside & made her hubby drop out.  Pops paid a premium price for it, but he just smiled & said it was for the benefit of a lovely lady.  We now have said crystal bowl in our possession.
Load me into a cannon & shoot me into the sun! - Dow Joans
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Sexual harassment training for Congress. Am I paying for this?
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Lawrence artist Roger Shimomura is an auction freak and acquaintance of mine. I'd frequently run into him at farm auctions. One time he told me he was looking for a small Green Mountain ice cream freezer. So, months later I was bidding on one for him at an auction near Vinland and the one other bidder I could not run off. Looking around, it was Roger. I yelled "Goddamnit Roger I'm buying this for you! shirt up!" He said "Oh shirt." The auctioneer chimed in "Ladies and gentlemen what we have here is a failure to communicate." The crowd was appreciative.
You are the wind beneath my wings, otherwise known as turbulence.
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I actually go on Proxibid (basically the service that local auctions all over the country use for a wider audience) quite a bit for gun auctions.  As long as you are aware of the buyer's premium and bid accordingly, you can do alright.  I have also physically attended an auction that was on Proxibid... only about three of us in the room had our smartphones/tablets out (so you can see what the internet max bid is) and realized that most people in the room had no idea what was going on.

My most recent scores from a proxibid auction is a Gew98 from World War I, a Steyr M95 from World War I that was later converted to shoot 8x56, and a military marked S&W M1917 (to pair with my Colt M1917).
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I thought I took some Proxibid for my arthritis once.
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