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Poll: How many of these TV music shows have you seen?
American Bandstand
Soul Train
MTV Unplugged
Austin City Limits
Lawrence Welk Show
Live at the Apollo
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Music shows on TV
Which of these TV series featuring music have you seen?  All of them, you say?  Well, how many did you see during their first runs?

((multiple choices enabled))
Watched several of those decades ago.
Watch ACL every Saturday night and have been there in person three times to see Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, Eliza Gilkyson, Merle Haggard and others. ACL is a gift!
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Used to watch ACL all the time.  We went and saw the Oak Ridge Boys live last night.  That was fun.  They are old like me but still put on a decent show.
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a one and a two ...


Shindig! February 3, 1965

Hullabaloo!  December 6, 1965, The Yardbirds

Sooooulll Train!

Austin City Limits Lyle Lovett & Asleep at the Wheel

I've seen 'Live at the Apollo' on TV maybe once, but have watched a lot on youTube.  Here's one of my fav clips from that show.  BTW, if you get an annoying ad at the beginning of any of these videos, try clicking your refresh button.  That usually jumps it to the main content.


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