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Poll: How will you decorate for the holiday season?
outside lights
Christmas tree
stockings hung by the chimney
decorative Santas & snowmen
wreaths & garland
no decorations for me, but you go right ahead
or this: see comments
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Holiday Decorations
How will you decorate your abode for the holiday season?

((check all that apply))
I hung the neighbors cat from my porch roof.  Then put a revolving green and red spot light on him at night.
Natural selection will never favor Evangelical misfits

I'm putting out my Christmas jack-o-lantern tomorrow. It will have blue LED lighting on it.
You are the wind beneath my wings, otherwise known as turbulence.
Daughter always sends us a big beautiful wreath for the front door that she orders in Aspen from the Boy Scouts. (or Girl Scouts??)

And about 20 years ago she had a friend who built Santa Claus' out of wood. She had her carve one for me. It stands about six feet tall and, instead of trees now, we stand Santa up on his stand and pile gifts around him.  Husband always puts a few lights up according to what he likes. 

Here's a picture of Santa from the waist up but it's finished all the way to the shoes. 

If I don't answer when you talk to me or about me, that's likely because I have you on ignore.  Try to PM me. It won't let you PM me if I have you on ignore. There are other people, not members, who peruse this site. I want THEM to know why I don't reply to everyone who talks to or about me.
The wife makes our house look like Snoopy's dog house.  The neighbors complain about the glare.
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Methinks Spacehog hangs his stocking A la The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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