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Poll: Have you ever actually eaten some fruitcake?
I'm eating a slice right now!
Never ever
I will sell you a fruitcake. Payment plans available.
I love fruitcake!
I thought they outlawed that stuff.
or this: see comments
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Have you ever actually eaten a slice of fruitcake?  

(12-13-2017, 11:02 AM)rockchalker52 Wrote: Have you ever actually eaten a slice of fruitcake?  

Actually, really good fruitcake is tasty
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Fruitcake done right is great. My mother used to make it around Thanksgiving. Drizzled with brandy and tin foiled and parked in the fridge until Christmas. The ageing process made it great stuff. No, it's not your everyday fare.
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My mother spent her last working years as a bakery chef. Desserts were her specialty. Every Christmas she made fruit cake. Once we were all grown she put various types of alcoholic beverages in it. I loved it, but like maybe 4 bites and that was all I could do.

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My grandmother used to make fruitcake...I loved it. What about you, RC?
It wasn't the traditional with the colored dried fruit, but more with dates, raisins, nuts and I forget what else. I have the recipe somewhere; tried it a time or two, but as with many things we remember from childhood, it never tasted like grandma's.

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I honestly don't remember the grandmotherly fruitcake.  I do remember we never got anymore fried chicken after our far-thinkng father told our madre she couldn't cook it as well as his mom.  Even at an impressionable age I wuz thinking 'Oh, no, he didn't really just say that?!'
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