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Paul & Gowdy Seek Investigation
Rand Paul and Tray Gowdy, and a slew of other congressmen are seeking to open an investigation into the scandal that was the 2016 election, FBI corruption, DOJ corruption, the Iran deal, Hezbollah obstruction, Uranium Deal, and the Clinton Foundation. Yep, a special counsel is expected to be appointed by February and Mueller will be asked to resign as a result of his involvement in the corruption. 

Even the Politico and some online outlets can no longer cover for the vast corruption that was Obama/Clinton. Thugs. 

Thank you Mr President. God bless you and protect you. 

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It’ll all flush out just give into some time. Many kooks on the left may have to be institutionalized.
“God Hillary should win 100,000,000 – 0,” -Peter Strzok
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