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The day before the parade
HillbillySue & Mr. Hillbilly took a trip westward to attend this year's ... um, next year's Rose Bowl Parade.  She sent a few pictures my way & said I could share some of them with you.  I think they are having a fine time.  Maybe she'll send a few more tomorrow.  

.jpeg   ahbs2.jpeg (Size: 41.19 KB / Downloads: 19)
Early this morning they visited the float barns where things were underway prepping the floats for the parade.

.jpeg   ahbs.jpeg (Size: 51.84 KB / Downloads: 19)
She sez this is going to be part of the Trader Joe's float.

.jpeg   ahbs4.jpeg (Size: 40.69 KB / Downloads: 19)
Later, they took a drive along the PCH & breakfasted at an oceanside cafe in Malibu.

.jpeg   ahbs3.jpeg (Size: 47.38 KB / Downloads: 19)
This white noggin boidy was perched not too far from their table prolly looking for its own breakfast.
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Very nice, Sue!  I’ve always wanted to attend the parade. The floats are fascinating!  Thanks for sharing.
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