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How the world covered the @@sole who called the countries sh@@holes.
Wish I could take my entire family down to the polls to vote for Durbin when he runs again. I don't know one person who lives in Illinois, though.

If I don't answer when you talk to me or about me, that's likely because I have you on ignore.  Try to PM me. It won't let you PM me if I have you on ignore. There are other people, not members, who peruse this site. I want THEM to know why I don't reply to everyone who talks to or about me.
He still doesn't think he did anything wrong:
This is the classic Trump response:  "I didn't do it, and besides, it wasn't that bad".
Durbin has a track record of lying about private WH meetings.
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DC beltway swamp dwellers? Durbin is a prime example.
“God Hillary should win 100,000,000 – 0,” -Peter Strzok
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Virtue signalling progladytes are feigning outrage at Durbin's fake comments.  Is it any wonder they are fanning the flames with their race cards?  The supposedly 'bipartisan' effort to resolve the Daca thingy resulted in a very partisan effort to subvert any resolution of this matter.  Will they also use this to shirt down the government and further obstruct the legislative process?  Do bears defecate in the woods?
(01-14-2018, 06:58 AM)jafs3 Wrote: This is the classic Trump response:  "I didn't do it, and besides, it wasn't that bad".

Yup. The "I didn't do it" waited until his buddies at Fox told him what to say, though. Initially, they thought it would play well to his base, and he seems to be coming back round to that idea. 

More worldwide reaction here:

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