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The terrorist who tried to blow up the train

I wonder which shithole country he's from, eh? Oh. Missouri. They never send us their best. Let's stop allowing Missourians in this country.

Quote:A white man who was involved with neo-Nazi groups and who attended a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville has been charged with terrorism for attempting to wreck an Amtrak train, according to a criminal complaint filed in US District Court.
Taylor Michael Wilson, 26, of St. Charles, Missouri, was first arrested back in October on state charges after he entered a secure area of an Amtrak passenger train in rural Nebraska, the complaint states.
He allegedly played with the controls and applied the emergency brakes, causing the train to stop with intent to harm those aboard, the complaint states. Wilson, who had a fully loaded weapon on him, was charged with use of a deadly weapon to commit a felony and felony criminal mischief, both state charges.

He was released on a partially secured bond on December 11, court documents state. But a further search warrant and investigation from the FBI led to the discovery of a stash of firearms at his residence and several connections to what the complaint describes as white supremacist groups. He was arrested again on December 23 and he was ordered detained on January 2, according to the complaint.

Investigators found an arsenal of weapons, ammunition and a hand-made shield at his residence and learned that he had told his roommate he was interested in killing black people, according to the criminal complaint.

Investigators also learned that Wilson had been involved in neo-Nazi groups, and that he was once suspected of pointing a firearm at a black woman in a road rage incident, the complaint states.
Jerry Sena, Wilson's attorney, said Wilson plans to plead not guilty to the charges. Sena added that Wilson does not have any history of mental illness, no history of drug abuse and little or no criminal history.
Wilson faces up to life in prison if convicted on the terrorism charges.

There's more to read over there.
Was it terrorism, a hate crime, or both?

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