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Details Emerge About Spying On Trump Campaign

The salacious and laughably false Steele dossier was the basis for surveillance on the Trump campaign. This was confirmed by Fox's Sara Carter, independently by Fox's Sean Hannity and indirectly by Byron York at the Washington Examiner. The surveillance state has been weaponized for political purposes, an affront to a free society, and now we can verify it happened. 

What isn't clear is what information was gathered as the fruit of this forbidden tree, as Congress takes up the FISA reauthorization Bill, and President Trump tweets his reservations about it, just for this reason. Mark Levin succinctly argues that the last year's worth of Russiagate is directly attributable to this abrogation of the Fourth Amendment. 

This revelation casts a pall on the Mueller investigation, as partisan forces are demonstrably using the power of government. This, in conjunction with the Peter Strzok revelations and other partisans on Mueller's team, mean that this investigation has lost all credibility, and is Washington scandal-mongering at its worst. Clearly, FISA requires reform, and both Senator Paul and President Trump are right to point out its flaws. [color=#000000][size=large][font=Nunito, sans-serif]
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How many more times will unhinged Trump-haters step on their own tails and shirt where they eat? Holy god!
“God Hillary should win 100,000,000 – 0,” -Peter Strzok
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(01-14-2018, 12:48 PM)Agent99 Wrote: How many more times will unhinged Trump-haters step on their own tails and shirt where they eat? Holy god!

They were absolutely certain that HItlery would be elected so they took sloppy chances to help make sure she got elected.  They figured it could all be covered-up after Hitery won the election.  When Trump won the election, they knew they would be found out.  That's why they launched the bogus Trump-Russia collusion fraud.  They needed a major distraction from their dirty deeds.  Turns out there ain't no collusion there so they have expanded the scope of the investigation to involve any and all peeps who have even a remote connection with the Trump campaign.  It's an investigation desperately looking for something, ANYTHING that will cover their tracks and denigrate our President.
Well, since Sean Hannity and others at Fox say the Steele dossier is phony, then we can all expect special prosecutor Robert Mueller to announce tomorrow that he's abandoning his investigation. Right? 
Right.   Rolleyes
You are the wind beneath my wings, otherwise known as turbulence.

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