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Where do we fit in?
For a while, I've been wondering about our relationship with LJW.  Of course, we have zero affiliation.  They are a corporation and this site is a donation.  I've never held any bad will for LJW, and lately, am thinking we can have a symbiotic relationship with LJW.  There is no rule here about what you can do outside of here, so if you still participate at LJW, it's not our business.  

What I see us as becoming is a place where you might start a conversation at LJW but bring it here if your threads get a little too hot-headed for them.  I know some of you have said you don't like LJW and don't go back, and I can tell you I don't except every now and then I still hit the prime shortcut they have on my browser.  If I go there, it is by accident or if one of you linked to an article there.

But I don't care what you read and if you still delight in posting at LJW, good for you.  If you must mention this website, you should call it something like "the website which cannot be named".  That will make people curious and then someone can let a link to a good thread here slip into the post at LJW, we might get some interesting people.

Don't spam or do anything sleazy, but if we have a relevant conversation, quote it and link to it.  For all I care (until I see it happen anyway) I don't care if you argue across here and LJW.

Now I'll probably have to add one more rule, and that is that you cannot out any member of this board anywhere else, and you cannot use this board to out and member of any forum.

You can vote on the rule.  In case of a tie, I will consider the rule appropriate.  I'll leave this up a while.

Chicken Dinner.


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