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American ingenuity
Like chootspa said - not on our turf - that shirt dont stand.
(02-12-2018, 11:49 PM)Riverdrifter Wrote: Hilarious! I told ya we put the wrong goddamn dummy in that Tesla. And we had good candidates for shotgun and back seat. Sheeiit.

Words from maybe the worst hater on this Progladyte forum, although there's several. But what makes this hater so 'special' is his ignorance.
"you can give-up, give-in, or you can give it all ya' got!"
Ouch, that oughta hurt. I wonder if it got through his thick skull.

If I don't answer when you talk to me or about me, that's likely because I have you on ignore.  Try to PM me. It won't let you PM me if I have you on ignore. There are other people, not members, who peruse this site. I want THEM to know why I don't reply to everyone who talks to or about me.

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