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Poll: Should the administrator be allowed to "hellban" users that persistently and grievously break the rules of the forum?
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Persistant Personal Attacks
I mean in our larger democratic system in the US.  Most libertarians I know don't actually vote in elections at all, either at local or national levels.

They have a number of arguments against voting, including that it doesn't make a difference unless there's a tie, voting is morally repugnant because of majority win issues, you're just voting for a new master, etc.

I've voted once in the poll, that seems like the fair thing to do - are you suggesting that people should vote more than once in polls??

Sorry, you did vote.  But I'll tell you what, you can keep the picture of the pack of smokes.  [img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]

I always vote in national elections.   Sometimes my vote is the words "Get out of my life" or"no more taxes" writ large on the ballot, but mostly I fill in the little dots like you do.  I've not heard of libertarians not voting.  We hold the constitution in high esteem, and the constitution spells out our from of government, so we play by those rules.

I think it is my responsibility to make my voice heard at election time, so I vote.
Quote:voting is morally repugnant because of majority win issues, you're just voting for a new master

Think of it more like you are more voting for employees than masters.  

It looks like only us are following this thread, so don't say anything, but have you noticed that just talking about hellbanning has curtailed the personal insults?  

You can only vote once in a poll unless you have multiple usernames.   If we ever have the problem of ballot-stuffing, I'll deal with it then.

Jafs, you are a tenacious and courteous member.  You helped get this site off the ground, and I don't forget stuff like that.  Your word holds more sway here than you probably think.  I wish I had handled things differently and not alienated you so badly, but I missed forum moderation day in college, so I'm still learning.

Once again, I'm open to ideas, and you can have your own board to moderate as you wish.  I wish you would do it.


Chicken Dinner.


Well, I wish the other libertarians that I've talked to also participated as you do - our system can only work as intended if we have large turnouts and educated/informed voters.

I always vote in both local and national elections - it's not hard to do, and it's a privilege that other nations don't always have, and we fought a revolutionary war for the right of self-governance.  Your version of employee is more appealing than the master one - I'm not sure it's quite enough.  I tend to think of them as our "representatives", but they're not just employees in that we have the constitution, etc. as well as our wishes.

Tenacious is a good word for me - my wife once described me as a "tenacious terrier" [img]images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

Thanks - we just have such different levels of tolerance and willingness to wade through offensive stuff that it was hard to work together in the end, that's all.

I'd consider moderating my own forum, but I'd have to learn this new programming stuff, and I'm lazy.  Also, my approach would include rules, enforcement, and banning - that would be the only way to ensure the atmosphere I prefer without having to continually encounter obnoxious stuff, and spend too much time doing it.

If those are anything you'd consider, I'd recommend a "minor, major" violation distinction, and a "3 strikes, you're out" policy on the major ones.  Also, maybe the minor ones add up, so that 5 minor on‌es = a major one, or something like that.

Quote:I'd consider moderating my own forum, but I'd have to learn this new programming stuff
It's simple, it's a board where only you can start a thread and then you can delete or edit any response.  Such a board falls under the forum TOS, which as you note is pretty lax, but then on top of that, you add any rules you want.  The only additional guideline is that a personal board should not be used to provoke another member and then outright prevent them from replying.

If people want, I can also set it up so anything on a personal board can be placed into the main discussion area linking to your post in your board.

All you need to know is how to post in a forum.  I'll handle all the technical stuff.  Programming is something you never have to worry about.

Chicken Dinner.

Well, that might be more interesting.

But, if I had to edit/delete a lot of stuff I find objectionable, it would be just like the moderating I did before, which turned out to be tiresome.

Without the ability to just get rid of posters who violated the rules, I don't see a way around that.


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