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Bloggers please read.
The ongoing problem with images on blogs seems to have no solution, so I'm going to rework them so each blogger gets his own wordpress install on their own subdomain.  For instance, is going to become  Other than the name change, there should be no difference.  

Look into microsoft writer for witing blog posts, it will make blog posts easier, like writing them in word and the just hitting publish.

I'll have tutorials up for you soon.


Chicken Dinner.

Update on this.  I have rewonked the member blogs infrasttructure.  It had that silly problem and I couldn't find an answer and the tech support I pay for had zero answers.  So what do we do, we route around the problem.  By setting up a new domain and using it differently, I've put the problem behind us while giving you a better blog and one that will scale much better as Lawrence finds it's place to speak it's mind.

Infrastructure is in place, not sites.  One site is started, Liberty275, who is often a guinea pig.  It was simple though to export the old data form the other site and import it into the new.  

The new URL is

Deec is our top blogger, but RC52 is a little more involved.  So, RC52, let's move you to the new domain next, and let me style you up a blog.  In the meantime, download and try "Writer" fromm microsoft.  Seriously, it makes blogging easire than posting on a forum.  You won't believe it.  You don't have to post things right away, you can save them as drafts.

I chose because it is exactly what I want to give people of Lawrence, and those interested in Lawrence a place to tell the world about it without some nanny editor (you are the editor) telling you what you can say.

I also hope a seperate domain name will attract other users that just want to write about their life or hobbie.  If you are an expert, write about that and you can become a popular blogger across the world.

As usual, you can ignore the blog part, I think the lot of you would be great bloggers.  

If you want to stay on the old blog, I can leave you there.  You won't like it nearly as well though, trust me.

Anyway, blah blah, RC52 get ready, I'm going to work over your blog on the new domain then I'm going to imort your posts.  The only difference you should see is a better blog and a better looking URL.  Speaking of which, find a website you think looks good and give me the URL and I'll do my best to match colors, layout, text - as best as I can.  Better yet, go through wordpress's themes and find one you like and tell the name.

Chicken Dinner.

Fuggin A, dood!  Gimme most of the weekend to get with it & we be off & running. Thanx!
Load me into a cannon & shoot me into the sun! - Dow Joans

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