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The backwards web site
I'm kicking this idea, and I've already set off some balloons to see if it might be popular.  I have an idea that I might be able to work out deals with people from ebay, to bid and pay on small items, then telling them to deal with you for the address so we stay anonymous.

I'm not thinking of anything expensive, and it will probably be refurb stuff, but I'd like to actually reward the funniest joke or the highest page rank for this site.

I'm not rich, but I consider this site my gift to Lawrence, and I can give more.  

I'm open to ideas about the mechanics and the challenges that could be used as well as what you think is appropriate "swag" foo winning.  Maybe like MP3 Players, memory sticks, stuff like that.

No ads, just free stuff.  That's what the internet should be.

Chicken Dinner.

Also, it is almost gardening season.  I'll be doing some grow journals on peppers and tomatoes in my own forum, but now would be a great time to start your own forum with gardening advice.  For instance, how do you plant radishes.


Chicken Dinner.


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