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Where'd the Phoenix go?
Hey .. what happened to the Phoenix ( i think that's what it is) icon that used to reside at the top of every page, a beacon to call the user back to the main page? I used it every time I was on the site, and now it's gone. I may cry. Please bring him back!!!!!!
Good question.  I was hoping someone would notice.  Number Two practically slapped me in the face with something I already knew, which is that Things above the "fold" are most likely to be seen.  In this case, the fold is the bottom of the page when it first loads.  So as you can see I took the phoenix and the bookmark reminder and put them in the sidebar so we could regain 10% of space above the fold.

Chicken Dinner.

That's cool. Yesterday it wasn't being linky for me. Now it is. I can put the Kleenex away.
edit .. keeping the kleenex handy because Phoenix is not at the top of every page like he used to be. dammit.
edit x2 .. don't let number two slap you in the face. I'll go over there and take a number two in his yard.



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