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strikethrough text
strikethrough text 
not ever ok.
never ok.
but it's ok just once or twice
no.  not ok.  never ok.
I dowloaded "Winesburgh Winesburg, Ohio"  Gonna check out Sherwood's perspective.

Load me into a cannon & shoot me into the sun! - Dow Joans
chuckle snort
Everyone should know how to play.

Type something... 
Click Size Choose Large
Click color, choose what you want


In the second row of you post box just below "source", you see B for bold, i for italic and "s".

"s" is for strikethrough.   So you highlight the text and click "S"

Don't use it.

No seriously, use it all you want just don't make personal attack on other members.

I see Number Two is adept at it's use, both practically and poetically.

Chicken Dinner.


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