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Play the game, they said
OK, welcome to the meme board.  You can look up memes for yourself.  In the very broad sense they are shortcuts in communication.  They aren't always pictures

"Milhouse is not a meme" is a meme.

but it can be this too:

.png   90mget.png (Size: 157.78 KB / Downloads: 1)

Or it can be this:

.jpg   millhouse-is-not-a-meme-is-a-meme.jpg (Size: 63.16 KB / Downloads: 2)

Now the internet is full of attempts at memes and we call those expressions.  It is only when an expression reaches some level of acceptance that they truly become memes.

This board is taking time to go into full mode.  I intend on having our own meme generator and hooking it right into the forum.  For now, we'll just use existing memes or create our own at

Please learn to save your image and embed it so it is served from our web site.  Using images hosted on other web sites is called "hot-linking" and can create problems.  Some site's don't like hotlinking because of bandwidth issues.   More importantly, if you have created an image and the site you are hotlinking from stops working, we lose your image.  Or if the other site dies, so does your masterpiece.  

Here's a tutorial on embedding images.





Chicken Dinner.


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