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Look for the red dot. It means NSFW
It is the policy of this board, "Memes" that all threads that are NSFW (Not Safe For Work) have this post Icon ----> [Image: exclamation.gif] or have the post tile prefixed with NSFW.  It is up to the first poster to decide whether all material is NSFW or SFW and use the warning.  This is easily forgotten, so if the moderator thinks it should be NSFW it will be changed.  All NSFW content in threads not indicated NSFW will be moved into it's own thread marked NSFW - OR - the moderator will change the indicator of the thread to reflect the material.  The moderator is not unreasonable, but they have the last word in this board.

Of course, SFW material is allowed in NSFW threads.

Members that believe a thread or post is in the wrong type of thread should report it.




Chicken Dinner.

I have a red dot on a one of my AR15s'.  Same difference?

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