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TOS Addition

The User agrees to NOT use the Service to:

post material for the purpose of damaging or poisoning a thread or discussion.

reveal, insinuate, nor otherwise comprimise the anonymity of another user.

attempt to bypass or "work around" any feature of the website...

Chicken Dinner.

If we amend the rules, it's only fair to tell you.  This isn't a rule we intend to use often because I don't mind threads wandering off topic.  I see it merely as a way of protecting a member's thread from becoming ignored because someone inserts offensive material.  

This rule is put into place to protect member's threads and to protect the forum.


Chicken Dinner.

It's a fine rule.

But, it'll only work if enforced, of course.

The Wambulance rule.

 First it is this, and soon you will be talking about keeping on subject and having a higher discourse and Napoleon will be walking on two legs.

I keeeeeed, I keeeeeed of course Smile  Actually a good rule.

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