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Video Sync Issues
'thebcman' Wrote:
'HollisBrown' Wrote:Hey BC,
...  My youtube video and audio are now often out of sync. My flash player, java, etc. are up to date. I'm a tech idiot. Any suggestions?

I have no clue. I use Firefox.
Liberty, you got any ideas?

I'll post 3 versions of a video, you tell me if they look in sync.  Each is using different code to pull the video, so this could point to the problem.  You can ignore the size difference.  It isn't relevant.

Inserted with the camera icon

Youtube's iframe embed code

May not work

Youtube's old embed code

Is one OK or one bad or all bad or what?




Chicken Dinner.

'HollisBrown' Wrote:Thanks Lib!

The first one with the camera icon worked the best. The third one with the old embeded code was way out of sync, like the issue I've been having. So what do I do now?


That means something in their embed code isn't getting along with Chrome.  It's probably just a glitch in chrome.   There are problems witha chrome extension called "Autopager" that is know to cause sync issues.

Do all the video play in sync with firefox?  You can just watch till his mouth opens a few times to see.  If so, try disabling extensions in chrome to see if the problem in chrome or an extension.  If it's an extension, you can just randomly turn them off.

You might want to make sure flash and java are updated and you have the latest version of chrome too.

I suspect the latest chrome update is more integrated with youtube since google owns them both, and there is a page of code out of a million that has a bug.  It will probably update soon.

I found this you might want to try
1. Type "chrome://plugins/" into address bar
2. Hit details, in the top right corner
3. Disable Shockwave Flash 11.3 r31


Hardly anyone uses shockwave, so you won't probably won't lose much if anything.


Chicken Dinner.

Just an FYI . . I use Firefox, and they all played fine for me.

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