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Garden Season
I have a little miniature hot banana pepper on the plant now.  Just one.  It seems rather early, even for the Southern Provinces.  I just hope I get some snow peas before it gets toooo hot. 
verum tuae sui
We finally are at the end.  Tally

Cherry tomatoes, about 400.  We don't know what to do with them.  They are like little red tribbles.
Banana peppers - Let's put this way, after slicing and canning 12 pints of banana peppers we still had three gallons of slices left.  They got roasted and frozen.  
Big Tomatoes - about 10, but they were black.  Coolest thing ever.
Jalepenoes, about 60.  Some were red with orange insides.  
Black Pearl Peppers, about 120.

We canned all day sunday and turned out 36 pints with some store-bought cucumbers for 6 jars of pickles with a hot peppers.   

The problem we experienced was watering.  Since this was all container gardening, we had to water sometimes twice a day.  We upgraded the water pump in the rain barrels so we could use the water hose with water from the rain barrels.  Twice this year we needed to put tap water into the rain barrels, but that's OK as long as it circulates long enough to get the chlorine and chloramine out.  Beside, it's a good source of calcium.  We worked in gypsum early enough that we suffered no end rot.

Even with a good strong pump from the rain barrel, you still got ate up by mosquitos filling th five-gallon buckets which fed water to the plants via fish tank air line.  Next year I'll be setting it up so in order to water, all we'll need to do is go to the rain barrels and divert water from circulating to watering.  I've got the plan in my head.

It was fun this year, but next year it will be twice as much garden with 2/3rds the plants.  Guaranteed.

We remained about 95% organic, so the soil will be premium for reuse next year.  Add a little peat moss, some perlite and some good organic fertilzer and all it takes from then on is water.  When the weather get's cold, fertilizer will go on sale.   Buy it then for next year.

We really enjoyed the garden this year.

Chicken Dinner.

Sounds like you had a pretty darn good summer. Keep up the good work!
I only grew new potatoes, peas and sweet corn. The 'taters and peas did OK. Not great, just OK. The sweet corn took three plantings but we finally got a stand. It came late, in mid-August but when it came in, it was very good. I planted silver queen as usual. We had lots of huge ears and the flavor was great.
 I gave up my former garden plot to a local pantry group and they grew weeds. I'm prepping another spot and 2015 will be back to a full blown garden.
BTW, Lib, you can toss some chunks of Mosquito Dunks in your tanks to kill skeeter larvae. Dunks are ground cork impregnated with a medium that contains BT, which is (or was) approved for organic gardening. HD sells it.
I use it in my rain barrels and it works well, just takes a couple days to kick in.

Not much to harvest here.  Some cherry tomatoes, peppers, eggplant.  Lib, you can freeze the cherry toms, roast them, dry them, make tomato jelly...  Drying is probably the simplest, then you can freeze and use in soups or sauces.
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