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Welcome to Jess's new board,  Musings on Life and Death.  All of us are bound to do it someday, so we should talk about it some.

We'll start with the practical stuff.  This is Jessamine's board, period.  Everyone can post here and I'm leaving it up to Jess to decide whether to allow others to start threads.  If you say something she doesn't like she can delete your post and that is the end of it.  If it's a misunderstanding, I'll talk to her and maybe next time she won't delete your post.  Regardless, if she deletes it, it is gone.  Make sure you have this straight.  Do not even think about messing with Jess.

One might wonder why a nihilist like me would ask Jess to run such a board.  I may have profoundly different beliefs about what happens when you cross, but not everyone else does, and really, I like looking in from the outside.  I might come in and take a counter position as I am known to do, but all I'll give you is my opinion.  Only change your beliefs when the ideas come from inside you.  Don't let others like me connive you out of them.

That said, Jess is taking the helm.  I hope it provides her and the community a voice about that moment when we pass on.


Chicken Dinner.

Oh, hell yas!  (hell being a descriptive & not an opinion) I can dig this sub-forum. Looking forward to the discussion. Whichever one of you knuckleheads came up with this idea, Kudos. 

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