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The farmer's sweet corn patch...
Those of the agrarian persuasion almost always have gardens but few waste garden space on sweet corn. So, where do they plant their sweet corn? In their cornfields, of course. They generally bury their patches in short rows that are difficult for the combine to shell in the fall. Most fields have these. We planted this corn today in a field of corn just coming up. It's far enough from a nearby road that it can't be seen. This fends off 2 legged varmints. The masked bandits (raccoons) will surely find it and extract their fair share. That's why we planted 24 rows. We just hoe out the field corn on the plot and plant the sweet stuff. The fertilizer and weed control is already in place. You have to time the planting so that the sweet stuff tassels and pollinates ahead of the field stuff.
There is no such thing as too much sweet corn.




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