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Lawn Care Questions
I'm back in the Lawrence area after many years. I've decided as a project to take care of my sister's/bil yard. Why, you ask? Because I have a lot of free time on my hands this year and they hate yard work. The front/back yards are full of broadleaf weeds, mostly dandelions, and some patches of grass. My ultimate goal is to turn this into a low water maintenance grass yard.

Is Lawrence now considered an area where warm season grasses do better or is it still an area where cool season grasses will do best? Perhaps a combination of both types of grasses? Any advice on this matter will be appreciated including how best to deal with the extermination of the accursed, unholy broadleaf weeds! [img]images/smilies/angry.gif[/img] [img]/images/smilies/0507.gif[/img]
A guy at work uses weed and feed.  It's a chemical and I don't know anything about it.  Now would be a good time to put down a bag because it's gonna rain for a good while tonight which will help it soak in.

Chicken Dinner.

Best to use your basement or room without windows to grow grass. Well drained pots with grow lamps, keep'em healthy with miracle grow. In a couple of months you see your first buds. Oops, wrong grass, you want to kill the weed.

Use weed and feed, recommend right after the rain, it will still sink in and the herbicide will not wash away. If we get half an inch in a down pour the herbicide goes first. Some of the broad leaf weeds may need a shot of round-up at the base. If you pull them you need to get several inches of root which doesn't happen often.

If lawn hasn't been aerated in some time might look at doing that, spread new manure/sand/top soil mix with seed.

Doesn't work then kill it all off and have turf installed, Pines farms is reasonable in my opinion. Search youtube for examples. I learn everything on youtube. Have been considering taking my son out of school and enrolling him in youtube.
In order to get rid of those weeds and any other undesirable vegetation, one only need tether a goat in the afflicted area.  Goats will eat anything and gnaw on everything else.  After the ground is barren, shoot the goat and cook it.  Till all the ground and plant a recommended dosage of fescue/Kentucky generic grass seed and water like crazy. 
verum tuae sui

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