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This is a reply to a member that found our root website.  
Quote:  is the category for our posts on the forum inside the root website, which starts with www and not forum.  There are a few reasons for that.  Probably most important in a practical sense is that wordpress (which uses for software) is much more friendly with Google.  Wordpress has features to improve google rank that the forum software doesn't.

​The forum posts are mixed in with Lawrence news sourced automatically from surrounding media outlets by using rss feeds.  In effect, is a regional news mirror that we get to interject our voices into whenever we post on the forum.   When you are there, click home and you can see the news stream go by as news happens or as we post.

If you want to see a mindbender, have a look at

It works off the same principal, but is really meant for our forum users.  I'm not real happy yet with the news stream yet so I don't push all of it.  It includes posts about really diverse stuff, from cooking to computer software to physics.  I'm still in the process of finding the best feeds and I want a better style for it.  Wordpress is pretty flexible and has thems, thousands of them to try out and see if they work so that takes time.  Some RSS feeds from good sources like museums are hards to find, and since they are usually just a blurb they are too short to fit our purpose. is also set up in a similar manner, but it is really for members that want to blog.

It is a network of sites, centered around the forum.  It's pretty complex, but at the end of the day it is meant t attract new members to the forum.  And I really enjoy building these automated websites.  

Have a look around.  There is a lot more than just small forum.  

Chicken Dinner.


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