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Death Cafe
Interesting article.  Thanks RD!

"Question: What awaits us after we draw our last breath?


After growing up attending lots of funerals, Jill Badell (left) began a Kansas City Death Cafe at the Signature Funerals and Cremation funeral home, of which she is a director. She led a discussion with Leslie Tuttle (from second from left) of Excelsior Springs, Susan Dana of Prairie Village and Sarah Crews of Salina at a meeting Thursday.
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And: Are there alternatives to burial or cremation?

And: When you’re offered a brownie at the Death Cafe, should you eat it?

All good questions and sure conversation-starters at Death Cafe, which might sound like an artery-clogging greasy spoon but is actually an opportunity to discuss a potentially scary subject.

The motto could be “let’s talk about death.”

Death Cafe’s organizers describe the phenomenon as a “group-directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes.” Based on the c afe mortel movement in Switzerland and France, Death Cafe is a “social franchise” started in a Web designer’s basement in England in 2011 and has since crossed the ocean.

Appropriately, in time for Memorial Day weekend, a new Death Cafe just sprouted in Kansas City.

The goal: to help people make the most of their lives, their “finite” lives, by giving them a chance to discuss their mortality — something family and friends often refuse to contemplate.

“Talking about sex won’t cause you to be pregnant, and talking about death won’t cause you to die,” said social worker Megan Mooney, to borrow a line she’s heard other Death Cafe hosts use."

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