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Guinea Pig
I'm the pig.  It is my job to work out any bugs in this forum.  While I have the soapbox, I am going to use it to talk about computers and security.

While I have the soapbox, it will be benign and generally helpful, but I have a few opinions about the industry I will share.   That's me.  Someone will take over in 30 days and they will go on about whatever they want.  All registered members can reply in the soapbox, but only the person standing on it can start threads.  So join in.  

A hard rule is that if a fellow member is mentioned in a thread, you can't delete their replies.  If you do and I have to put a reply back, the next member will take control.

This board is meant to give each member a "louder" voice for a period of time, but it won't be abused.  

It's going to need to evolve, so this thread is my notebook and when I'm done, I'll have thought it through enough and had enough personal interaction inside it to make a more explicit set of rules.

Seriously, what other website is willing to give you this?  LJW won't.  Larryville won't, but we will.   

Let the show begin.

Chicken Dinner.

That sounds very interesting.  I may have some tech questions for you, but I'd like to get in line to stand on the soapbox when you're done.  Thanks.
We have our first contestant!

Chicken Dinner.

Guinea pigs are eaten by south americans. just saying

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