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Term Limits
I'm with Liberty on this one. If the voting electorate can't figure out term limits on their own, they end up with ossified politicians such as Pat Roberts. In that case, they get what they deserve.

Go away.
Also, there is the possibility that voters retain elected representatives because they're doing a good job.

Why force them to get rid of folks they like and respect? 

California implemented term limits in 1990.  I'd say that with 24 years experience, there's enough to look at so that we can see if term limits has had a positive effect, a negative effect or if it's had a neutral effect.  

As a side note, California voters overwhelming passed an amendment in 2012 to the 1990 law that reduced even further the number of total years a legislator may serve.  It seems they liked term limits so much they imposed greater restrictions.  
Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.  

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