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For the forum challenged
Could you explain the difference in all the forum connections we have available, for instance, Lawrence  Talks and LJWD, to start?  If I post in a thread that, say, is connected to a news site, where oh where does that post go?  There is so much to learn here, and so many cool opportunities, I don't want to miss anything.  Thanks!
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our domain is  We have several subdomains. forum is this one, blogs, news, www,wiki, images are the others.  These sites are for use by the community and are ad-free alternatives to othe news sites.

I just picked a random article from, it does:
Quote:Ireland prepares to exit bailout after ‘biggest crisis since the Famine’ – business livePosted on December 13, 2013Landmark moment in the history of the eurozone as Ireland become the first country to leave a financial assistance programme, but the social cost has been highGraeme Wearden Continue reading →

If you click =15pxContinue reading it takes you to  I just took the whole post, and we can do that from our websites because the news sites alreadt attribute the original source.

Anything with is ours, but you can think of them as just another news site without all the ads and other garbage.  Mostly those sites are fed by RSS feeds, and for more information you should read my blog post about RSS and ethics.

The site is really a network of sites that should give members a better experience.  This weekend I'll work up a map pf the network and use it to illustrate the way the sites interact.

The site is extraordinarily complex, but you can take your time before using all the features and just use the forum the same as the old one until you understand the relationships between the sites.  It's somewhat like the world corporation (ljworld's parent) which has 6 or so websites.  The biggest difference is that we have more news flowing by on our news sites and we will have more when I start adding in feeds from pits karauthammer etc.

I'm at work, so I'll explain better later.  Bottom line, it is good.

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How can I change the color font in my user name?  [img]images/smilies/blush.gif[/img]
Civil disobedience is patriotic 

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