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a perspective
Lib, how close is this to your nihilist viewpoint?


I a stranger to ery-body.

That's pure nihilism.  Once I embraced nihilism I discovered I could pick and choose the "truth" I wanted.  So I picked libertarian/bad-buddhist-copy.   I found a definition fro the exact sort of Nihilist I am on wikipedia, and stole it.  It's a good thing I stole it because it no longer seems to exist.

Here's what I stole
[*]Radical nihilism
[*]Radical nihilism is the belief that there, in the last instance, is not given a foundation for knowledge, ethics nor justice, and not even this lack of foundation can serve as a starting point for (or rejection of) knowledge, ethics or justice. Radical nihilism turns in the light of the missing universal, objective, and ahistorical certainties, towards the historically and culturally transmitted possibilities of cognition and moral/political action, well aware that the true and the good are in the last instants based on faith.

It's not in wikipedia anymore.
This is a pretty good bit of writing but not as direct as the wikipedia entry was.

This is about the same.

I think the video was entertaining and important in a very subtle way, but it was almost all about the nihilism and didn't suggest ways of dealing with the inherant danger of nihilism.   It was right everytime it said "nothing matters" but didn't offer a reason why, not a means to combat the despairity of nothingness.   I say almost because the man departed from his nihilistic reality when he slapped his wife.  If nothing matters, then it doesn't matter if his wife got busy with another man.  His problems started after he abandoned nihilism, just for a moment.  Judgement - it always beats us in the end.   

Nihism is just a monster.  Keeping it from eating you is the fun part.  [img]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/img]


Chicken Dinner.


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