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Inserting images
Attaching and inserting an image in a post.

Note that if you click on each image you will get a larger version that is easily readable.

1: Start a new thread or reply.  Write what you want then click new attachment >>>  Browse.


2: Browse and select the file and then click "Add Attachment"


It will take a minute or so to upload your image, then the page will reload showing your newly uploaded images as attachments.  Attachments will display in a box, not in the post, so you want to insert them into the post.  

3: Place your cursor where you want the image and click "Insert Into Post".    You image will be shown as a shortcode for the image, in this case, 'attachemnt=940', but it will show up as an your image, resized for the forum and clickable to see the larger image after you post.


4: Click Post Thread, or preview or save draft and you should have a post with an embedded image.


Below are some images as attachments, not embedded in the post.  To get this you just leave out step 3.  Any image attached to a post will always show up even if only as an attachment.




Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Chicken Dinner.


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