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HotLinking Images
Hotlinking refers to using images from another server.  You can do it, but if they remove the image you lose it form your post and that sucks.  Some images are best hotlinked.  All the traffic cams are hotlinked, for instance.

To hotlink an image

Start a thread or reply, write something if you want then click the "image button"

.jpg   post-image 1e.jpg (Size: 155.29 KB / Downloads: 0)

That will bring up a dialog box asking for the URL. insert the URL to the image.  If you want to link the image to a page or site, choose the link tab and add the URL you want to go to when you click the image.  Then click OK.

.jpg   post-image 2e.jpg (Size: 118.65 KB / Downloads: 0)

After clicking "OK" the dialog box disappears and your image should show up in your editing window like this:

.jpg   post-image 3e.jpg (Size: 273.31 KB / Downloads: 0)

Click post thread and you get an image in your post.  Note that this image behaves differently.  It doesn't size properly for the forum and will mess up a post when it is syndicated to

Your post should look something like this

.jpg   post-image 4e.jpg (Size: 270.53 KB / Downloads: 0)

Thread for example posts

Chicken Dinner.


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